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Investment Services

Investment Management Services

This service offers a cost-effective solution for clients who wish to access a range of portfolio strategies each of which has a different emphasis; such as long term capital growth, investment income or a balance of the two.  Different portfolios also reflect a different stance in terms of more or less investment risk.

AMR has selected a range of leading financial institutions to provide the infrastructure for this service. The provider chosen is determined by each client’s circumstances but, whichever we recommend, you can be sure of an arrangement that is flexible and cost effective. This approach also provides our clients the reassurance of having the backing of a large ‘household-name’ provider associated with their investment account(s).

Once your AMR adviser has agreed an investment strategy with you, you will benefit from holding a portfolio of funds selected from a wide universe of collectives offered by both leading and boutique investment management houses.  The asset allocation is then fine-tuned as our macroeconomic and geopolitical view changes, and the strategy of the fund can be changed over time should your needs change.

AMR’s experienced investment team selects and monitors funds using a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies in order to gain a full understanding of both the drivers of the performance of funds and also the associated investment risk.  AMR’s position affords us access to the fund managers both when we are considering the purchase of a fund for clients, and on an ongoing basis once invested.

The service provides regular comprehensive reports to keep you informed, simplified and convenient administration and information to assist you with the completion of your tax return (if applicable).

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